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Ace's Corner


Hi! My name is Ace. I am a 19 year old transgender dude who's interested in pretty much everything, but mostly true crime, Stranger Things, and Jim Henson's work (pretty odd combo, I know.)
I am a Forensic Science major and work at a funeral home, and I hope to one day become a full blown mortician. Death and its process fascinates me, so what better job to do than to work with it for a living?
This is basically just a place I decorate and have fun, as well as write in my journal about things going on in my life. It's my escape from everything, I guess you could say... but in a good way!
Some more about me!


Hey, whoever you are... Welcome to my cool sick webpage. Here yoou'll see my online journal as well as shit I'm really into. You'll see some links to the side that redirect to pages about stuff I really enjoy. Thanks for coming by... Enjoy your stay :)

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